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        ShenZhenWell Know Internrtionrl Logistics Company Limitied was established on March 22, 2019. Its core team has more than ten years of experience in international freight forwarding. Yuwen International is committed to integrating the advantages of routes in South China, East China, North China and Southwest China. Under the conditions of meeting the timeliness, tariff and customs declaration of customers, it provides customers with the best logistics solutions with superior freight rates, diversified choices, convenient operation, safety and efficiency, so as to meet their logistics needs to the greatest extent.
          Since its establishment, the target of Yuwen International is to export more than 1,8000 tons per year. At the ports of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, our company has signed in-depth cooperation with several airlines on the package products. At the same time, the price is very competitive, through coordinating the abundant class products, we can tailor each ticket for each customer. A combined transport solution. There are more than 150 air transport team members in Guangshen Airport and Hong Kong Airport.
        At present, Shenzhen Yuwen International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has a highly professional, highly skilled, efficient and high-quality team, relying on the senior professional exploration of the freight industry, constantly grasping the forward trends of the freight industry, coupled with advanced logistics operating system, to provide customers with high-quality and convenient logistics services. And with airlines, shipping companies, port terminals, customs and other departments to implement networking operations, to achieve paperless EDI import and export declaration operation, the first time to understand the flow of goods, accurate and timely response, win time, win initiative.



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